Charleston Scottish Games: Band was Ready!

Posted September 19th, 2011: The Charleston Scottish Games were held this weekend and WOW! We could not have asked for a much better time or success with our endeavor.Jamestown took home lots of great accolades from the 40th annual Charleston Scottish Games this past weekend. Our Grade 4 band finished 2nd place in a field of 10 bands, and earned a 1st place in drumming! Our Grade 5 band also faired well in their competition, but were disqualified over a technicality... oh well, Che Sara Sara. And let's not forget the return of Andy Maness into the Grade 4 band circle. Welcome home Andy.

A HUGE congrats to our Grade 1 Piper and Drummer of the Day, Conrad Worley and Kelsey French! Lest we not forget our Grade 4 Piper of the Day, Eric Reece. Eric will be holding piping clinics at Thursday's practice. Congrats to Jaime Osborne and Jonathan Gurney as they took their first step into the solo competition world....and big congrats to Eric Sparklin and Payton McGarvey for their first time in the Grade 5 band circle. We are proud of you both!

On to the Scotland County Highland Games on October 1st in Laurinburg, NC. We hope to see you there!


Bringing the Heat: Greater Greenville Highland Games

Posted June 11th, 2011: The Greater Greenville Scottish Games were held over a sweltering Memorial Day Weekend. Although it was a hot and humid time in South Carolina, many visitors were in attendance as were bands from around the Southeastern United States. Both band and solo competitions were highly competitive and Jamestown Pipes and Drums gave it their all in the Greenville sun. Congratulations to our Grade 5 band for a noble effort in the circle, and a big congratulations to our Grade 4 band for placing 3rd in their competition. This was not an easy feat as it appeared that all bands competing brought their “A game” on this day.

Notable moments from the day also include young Andrew Hyers’ first time competing as a solo bagpiper in the Grade 4 under 18 competition and new member Jonathan Gurney’s first time in a Grade 5 band competition. Not an easy task as Jonathan has only been piping for a couple months now. And a big congratulations to Kelsey French in her solo drumming efforts, taking home Grade 1 Solo Drummer of the Day! Way to go Kelsey!

On a sad note, the Greenville Games were the last competition for our flourishing tenor Heidi Muma. Heidi has been such a valued member of our Grade 4 drum corp and our band as a whole. Heidi’s leaving is definitely our loss. We’ve cherished our time with her and are a better band for all she has shared. We love you Heidi and wish you all the best out West!

Stormy Start: Loch Norman Highland Games

Posted April 18th, 2011: The Loch Norman Highland Games were held this past weekend in the midst of the violent thunderstorms which tore through the southeast. No piping or drumming events were cancelled, but the thunderstorms and heavy rain put a huge damper on what is usually a beautiful time of year. Attendance was low due to weather, however the bands played on! Many solo competitors performed with professionalism in less than perfect conditions. Heavy rain, strong winds, threat of thunderstorms only added an element to the day which no one plans for.

Through all this diversity and strong competition from other soloists and bands, Jamestown Pipes and Drums fared well this weekend. Congrats to the following soloists: Jean Eschelman-Russell, Eric Reece, Mark Wayman, Terry Rose, Patrick Wiers, Seamus Russell and a special congratulations to Kelsey French on her Grade 1 Drummer of the Day award! All our pipers and drummers work hard to prepare for these events and their dedication and progress shows with their efforts in these solo competitions.

In the afternoon, the skies cleared and so began the band competitions. Our Grade 4 band participated in a very tough field going up against nine impressive bands from the Southeastern United States. Their performance was a successful run, earning them a 4th place finish overall. “There are things we can work on and we will, but overall it was a grand day!”, exclaimed Grade 4 Pipe Major Kyle Auman.

If there was any thunder on the field that afternoon, it was brought by the Grade 5 band! These folks have worked very hard to come together as a band over the past few months and their hard work and dedication paid off on this day. The band deservingly won a 2nd place finish in a field of 4 total bands. “This shows promise and it’s great to see that our work is paying off,” says Grade 5 Pipe Major Seamus Russell of the band, “We’ve got a lot of work to do, but the foundation is there. I’m proud of how well these folks have taken to compete at the best of their ability, we’ll be building upon this success for future competitions.” 

At the end of the day, there are sunny skies ahead for the auld JPD. Hope to see you at the Triad Highland Games coming April 30th.

On the March: Loch Norman Highland Games

Posted April 13th, 2011: JPD has been working at a feverous pace in preparation of our first competition for the 2011 season. The 18th annual Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games are upon us! Check it out at

Our grade 4 group has been working hard to fine tune their dance medley. Although we ended last year finishing 2nd in the overall EUSPBA standings for grade 4 competition, each new year brings new challenges. Grade 4 is very optimistic that the work put in will pay off come Saturday. Let’s not forget the new and improved Grade 5 group. These folks have been working hard to put their best foot forward for the Loch Norman event. This will be the first official debut for a recently reformed Grade 5 band! Hopefully our hard work and dedication will pay off on the day.

Regardless, JPD will be looking sharp hitting the field in our new band uniforms. We’ve updated our look for the new year! If you are in and around the Charlotte area this weekend, come on out and experience these games. A great springtime event, fun for the whole family!

St. Paddy's Week- Recap

Posted March 20th, 2011: What a great week we’ve had! Three days worth of events in one week is quite a task, but we love any excuse to break out the pipes and drums and play a few tunes. Our St. Patrick’s Day calendar had us all over North Carolina and even up to Roanoke! The week of fun and festivities began in Roanoke, VA on March 12th with the annual McDonald’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s always a great time to march in Virginia! Those folks in Roanoke sure do go all out for the annual wearin’ of the green and we are glad to be a part of their celebrations!

The band hit the ground running on Thursday, March 17th with Rock92’sTwo Guys Named Chris morning broadcast. The show was taped live at the Pour House in Greensboro. And what a great time!  After the Pour House , it was off to the Hibernian Pub in Raleigh. Nobody does St. Paddy’s better than Niall and his gang! We entertained the crowd inside and out at the Glenwood Ave spot, then made it to the Hibernian Pub in Cary where we did the same! The crowd was having a great time at both locations just proving that the Hibernian is the place to be!

Our week ended on a high note in the Queen City, Charlotte, NC. This was our first time marching in the Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day parade and it was probably the biggest parade the band has been a part of in recent years. Charlotte throws one heck of a parade! Sure this event was after St. Patrick’s Day, but a parade well worth the wait! Thank you Charlotte, we hope to do it again real soon!

Jamestown Pipes and Drums would like to thank the following organizations:

McDonald’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee
Rock 92 and the Two Guys Named Chris Morning Show
The Hibernian Pub in Raleigh and Cary
The Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee

What a great week to start off our 2011 season. We hope our performances helped make you St. Patrick’s day a little more fun!

Here's are link to the band marching in both St. Patrick’s Day parades.


St. Patrick's Day Parade in Charlotte!!!

Posted March 16th, 2011: JPD is pleased to announce our participation in the 15th annual Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Saturday, March 19th. This is our first year participating and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of a great parade in North Carolina. The parade will step off at 11:00 A.M. at Tryon and 9th street in uptown Charlotte. The parade will march South to Tryon St. and 3rd. Street.  Loads of events to do after the parade so come on and spend a beautiful March day out and about in downtown Charlotte. For more information, check out


St. Patrick's Day Events!!!

Posted March 16th, 2011: JPD has got a full day planned for Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day! Our day will start off with a LIVE radio performance on Rock92 with Two Guys Named Chris. Then it’s off to Raleigh for a performance at the Hibernian Pub on Glenwood Ave at 5pm followed by a final performance at the Hibernian Pub on Kildare Farm Road in Cary at 6:30pm. If you are around the Triangle area, come on out and support the Auld JPD!

Here's a link to a band competition video from the Charleston Games in 2010 to get you in the pipin' mood!



Let the New Year's Journey Begin!!!


Posted February 3rd, 2011: Although we are still in the throws of winter, JPD has already begun gearing up for the 2011 Season.  Our competition season opener will be at the Loch Norman Highland Games, where both our Grade IV and Grade V bands will take the field.  After ending the 2010 season in 2nd place (EUSPBA), the GIV members are ready to keep up the momentum at Loch Norman with our dance medley. Last year, the band performed very well in the dance medley competitions earning awards in the top 3 spots through the fall season.  GV is looking forward to being a presence on the field this year after a promising end to the 2010 season.  They will enter the competition season with a strong foundation and a new set of tunes!  Our solo pipers and drummers are itching to hit the boards again this year too.  With several members moving up in grade levels, there will be some excellent solo piping and drumming to listen for.  The 2011 solo season is about to kick off with competitions in Cary, NC, Charleston SC and Woodberry, VA.  Here's to a great 2011! We cannot wait to take the field again!


JPD: Our New Website

Welcome to the new band website! We are pleased to bring you a newly revamped Jamestown Pipes and Drums web experience. Please visit us again as we will be updating this site more often and will be offering upcoming band events, news, and announcements. HUGE thanks to James Shaffer, Susan Beck, and Jean Eschelman-Russell for the pictures! Will have more to share soon.

We’ve missed y'all, it’s good to be back!


-The JPD Crew

EUSPBA Grade 4 Runner Up, 2010

It was a GREAT year for Jamestown Pipes and Drums! Our band grew in ways unthinkable at the beginning of 2010. Our Grade 4 Corp finished the season 2nd in the EUSPBA standings for the year, Our grade 5 band showed huge promise, and Our solo pipers and drummers took home experience and awards from their solo competitions…and we had fun all the while doing it! As we look ahead, we see many promising opportunities for Jamestown Pipes and Drums for 2011 and beyond. We look forward to your continued support and don’t ever feel shy to reach out to the band or come on by our practices. Visit our contact page for our contact information while our website is being updated. Thanks for your interest in Highland regimental music and thanks to you all for your interest in The Auld JPD!


JPD Goes Live

Welcome to the new band website! We are pleased to bring you a newly revamped Jamestown Pipes and Drums web experience. Please visit us again as we will be updating this site and will be offering upcoming band events, news, and announcements. We’ve missed y'all, it’s good to be back!

-Jamestown Pipes and Drums